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2023 – 2024 Rehearsal & Performance Schedule

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Pops Preview Concert
Masterworks I
Masterworks 2 / Holiday Concert
Masterworks 3
Masterworks 4 + Classics for Kids
If you have any additional notes or clarifications regarding your availability this season, include them here!

Attendance Policy

What follows is the attendance policy as stated in the 2023-24 SCSO Handbook. Please keep this policy in mind when filling out your intent form.

  1. Every musician’s presence and musical contribution matters. A musician may miss one (1) rehearsal per concert cycle and still perform in the concert. A musician may miss a maximum of 6 rehearsals per season. Whether additional absences (per cycle or per season) are allowed will be determined in discussions between the Personnel Manager, Section Leader and the Artistic Director.
  2. Musicians must notify the Personnel Manager if they have a conflict that will result in an absence. Please provide all known conflicts at the beginning of the season, and any others as soon as you are aware of them. Wind and brass players must assist the personnel manager in securing a sub for each absence.
  3. In the event of a last-minute conflict such as illness, family emergency, or car trouble, the Personnel Manager should be notified as soon as possible via email, or cell @ (913) 568-8430.
  4. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory.
  5. The downside of cancelling a rehearsal or concert is very significant, but in the case of a true weather emergency, an email will be sent to each musician and the cancellation will be posted on the SCSO website and Facebook as soon as possible or at least four hours before the start time. If you have not heard of a cancellation, please assume the rehearsal or concert is not cancelled. If you feel that conditions are too dangerous where you are, please notify the Personnel Manager.
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