Young Performers 2022

2022 SCSO Young Performers Scholarship Competition Scholarship Winners

TJ Stang

Scholarship and Grand Prize Winner, Piano

TJ Stang is a fifteen-year-old homeschooler who loves playing the piano.  He began playing at age six and is currently studying with Dr. Paul Wirth.  TJ is also a member of his church’s worship team and plays regularly.  He volunteers his time and piano skills to play for area nursing homes.  TJ plans to continue studying piano in college and hopes to someday teach.

Christopher Baugh

Scholarship Winner, Piano

Chris Baugh is a student at St Cloud State University, where he studies piano under Dr. Shannon Sadler. He began taking piano lessons when he was eight years old and he studied with Dr. Paul Wirth until he graduated from high school in 2019. When not practicing piano, he is probably drinking coffee and playing with his cats.

Elizabeth Ernst

Scholarship Winner, Cello

Elizabeth Ernst is a seventeen-year-old junior at Apollo High School. She has been studying the cello with Steve Eckblad for ten years and plays the violin in the Apollo Symphony Orchestra directed by Aurora MacMillan. She also sings in the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, plays tennis and softball, and is a member of the Apollo National Honor Society. Elizabeth plans on continuing cello in her free time after high school, while pursuing Chinese language studies in college.